Caveman, Mitski, Weaves

June 17, 2016 Comments Off on Caveman, Mitski, Weaves

The hot summer weather is once again reflected in a week of hot new releases! After sharing two unbelievable music videos (“Your Best American Girl” and “Happy”) Mitski’s long-awaited album, Puberty 2 is finally here. Weaves self-titled album is red-hot electric, supplying us with their first full-length album just in time to add to our summer playlists as we lie on the beach or walk the city streets.

Next, Caveman’s Otero War serves as a fast-paced, upbeat incarnation of the band’s sound, and Anthony D’Amato’s Cold Snap returns with his equally folksy and poetic lyrics (check out this playlist D’Amato shared with us of music that influences and inspires him!). The beautiful collaboration of Neko Casek.d. lang, and Laura Veirs is here in the form of case/lang/veirs, showcasing the three songwriters’ vocals and verse in perfect harmony, and Margaret Glaspy’s debut album, Emotions and Math, provides us with direct lyrics interwoven with bluesy guitar lines. Felix Walworth (Told Slant) has truly delivered with their sophomore album, Going By, serving wonderful truths about life and the complexities of relationships. And last, Swans’ double-album, The Glowing Man, graces us with another score to meditate over morality and the human psyche through sound, the record serving as the last album including the band’s current line-up. Listen to the tracks below, and be sure to follow our playlist to know about all the new releases we’ve been jamming to!


Caveman – Otero War


Weaves – Weaves


Anthony D’Amato – Cold Snap


Told Slant – Going By


case/lang/veirs – case/lang/veirs


Mitski – Puberty 2


Swans – The Glowing Man


Margaret Glaspy – Emotions and Math


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