2 years ago by Jon Lurie

There’s nothing quite like the life lesson from a love lost. When we brought PHOX to The Falls out in Los Angeles, we knew they would hear adventurous, romantic tales from Kim, the bar’s world traveling bartender. Hear the story, an original track from PHOX and a cover of “Lovefool” as the band  [READ ON]

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2 years ago by Jon Lurie

Two Hands walk into a bar…and find the most interesting bartender in the state of California! When we brought the band into the Oyster House Saloon in Studio City, they were given more than just a beer — they were given life lessons. The band complimented the bartender’s words with a stripped down performance of their original song “Fairness”,  [READ ON]

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2 years ago by Jon Lurie

Looking for the perfect beer recipe to help out with the summer heat? Well, we don’t have one, but a cold Newcastle in an LA pool should do the trick. When we brought Slow Club to our friend’s backyard pool in Los Angeles, we knew they would get a kick out of Dennis, the floating bartender. The duo’s beautiful songs, accompanied by just a guitar,  [READ ON]

August 6, 2015 Jon Lurie ON THE HOUSE 0


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A lot of anticipated albums are dropping this week - though when we were expecting a surprise Kendrick Lamar record I suppose "anticipated" is in the eye of the beholder. You have hopefully an end to the never-ending dumb interview cycle that is Father John Misty's new record[READ ON]


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Welcome Campers is, to put it simply, our favorite weekend of the year. We're talking obsessively crossing out days on a calendar favorite. Buying new "cool" activewear[READ ON]


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Suuns is nothing if not atmospheric. Their music has always toyed with the psychedelic and seems often to be the very definition of experimental. Their newest album Hold/Still is no exception, though perhaps it's grooves are more solid then one would expect. [READ ON]