Carroll Find a Time Warp with Expansive Track ‘Red Giant’ [Premiere]

November 3, 2016 Comments Off on Carroll Find a Time Warp with Expansive Track ‘Red Giant’ [Premiere]

Philly by way of Minneapolis band Carroll’s newest LP chronicles their move – and the ambling feel of the newest single ‘Red Giant’ make the theme clear. With a melody that rolls slowly over swooping guitar and synth, the track feels exploratory while still remaining tethered to the ground. Of the track the band says:

”Red Giant’ is a cinematic and expansive track about accidentally finding a time warp. It’s about finding glorious transformations in household objects. It’s about going out to get milk and finding yourself an a different galaxy. And despite your best judgement, something keeps pulling you back to that rock in the front yard where you take the ride over and over and over again.’

Listen to the track above and be sure to grab the band’s sophomore album As Far As Gardens Go out 11/11 and check them out at Trans-Pecos on 11/27.

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