Carly Van Skaik Channels Autumn Colors with ‘Red Leaves’ [Premiere]

LA-based Carly Van Skaik has a serious knack for capturing cinematic moments with her sensual songwriting. Her newest offering, the anthemic “Red Leaves,” is a blushing piece of 80’s inspired pop that’s perfect for taking the chill off the changing fall weather. You can feel the renewing equinox energy and sense the transformative power of nature taking over, tied together with a kind of romantic nostalgia that’s lost in most pop music. Her synth-heavy hooks conjure both the candied pop of Cindy Lauper and holistic leanings of Enya, but the relatively new songstress manages to land a cathartic punch that feels distinctly Skaik.

  • derherzen

    She’s such an incredible talent and “Red Leaves” was an absolute delight for my ears.

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