The new video for Cariad Harmon’s “Like You” gives hope that in a big city like New York, there’s still a chance to find your one and only. It follows an artist (Daniel Fishel) depicting various scenes in light blue, orange, white and black that upon finishing, he paints over before starting anew. It begins with swooping orange and blue birds as Harmon sings, “I’ve seen the starlings/In my hometown/Dance above the pier/First they dive/And then they tumble/Then all at once they turn and disappear.” Next we see a city full of strangers accompanied by the line, “I’ve seen the city scattered on the highway/Full of names and faces I cannot recall,” which brings to mind all the nameless faces from any journey through the NY subway system. We move on to seeing the silhouettes of a girl and guy looking at each across a heart, which is where we get our first taste of the love Harmon is singing about. As the song picks up and is shadowed with “ooh’s” and “aah’s” from Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig, the artist moves on to painting romantic scenes of a couple cruising in a car, taking trips together and sitting under a tree overlooking a starry night. The song finishes with our first view of the couple’s faces, and you can’t help but smile and wish you were looking at you and your lover. Made by the folks here at The Wild Honey Pie (Edward Greenberg and Austin Pulliam), we couldn’t be more excited to premiere the beautiful video for “Like You” above.

Thanks Squarespace!