Calliope Musicals Dazzle In New Video for ‘1604’ [Premiere]

We’re absolutely taken with the pop-gems that Austin based Calliope Musicals keep churning out. The band brings their huge melange of sound to the newest video for the track “1604” and it’s unsurprisingly mesmerizing. The video follows the psychedelic feel of the song, with plenty of sparklers and seeming coven meetings. Of the video singer Carrie Fussel says:

This video is based on a night we had on tour in a small Arkansas town before a festival. We played this game called Morton’s List (created by this super nice guy out of Detroit! check it out!) and ended up dancing in the sprinklers outside of a Chinese buffet in the middle of the night. It was an imaginative and kind of magical night, so we decided to do a stylized version for the video. Kate, the director, is one of our closest friends and occasional travel companion, so she did such a beautiful job of bringing the night back to life. 

Check out the magical video above and be sure to catch them playing Welcome Campers with us this weekend or at Backwoods Music Festival in Oklahoma in September.

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