Caleb Groh Sings of Love’s Subjectivity on ‘Let it Groh’ [Premiere]

Having grown up in cities and on coasts that span the length of the US, Caleb Groh’s music is a testament to what variety and change can breathe into someone’s musical output. Beginning with carefully placed drums, “Let It Groh” (pun appreciated) is quickly joined by cinematic swells, a groovy bassline, and buoyant, tropical-esq synth notes, all expertly arranged into an intriguing musical landscape. Groh’s vocals and lyricism, though, are what really set this jaunty track apart — resting comfortably on the web of booming percussion and bass is his sweetly emotive voice, giving a sense of something deeper on the mysteriously upbeat track. Listen above, grab his new Hot Pop EP on October 30 and read below for more on what the track means from the songwriter himself!

Let It Groh is a testament to the subjectivity of love. It speaks about how love can go unrealized, if it’s pre-realized. It’s a song about the ever-relevant on-again-off-again, and how that sort of relationship only gains velocity via its highs and lows, until it’s forced to end in explosion.

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