C Duncan’s ‘Garden’ is Perfectly Complex Dreampop [Stream]

C Duncan – Garden

Christopher Duncan’s project C Duncan is lush, ornate, and somehow still very unassuming. When listening to his music you can tell he has extensive training (which he has, at some of the most prestigious schools in his native Scotland), but Duncan isn’t showing off — he’s having fun. On “Garden” his electro-folk efforts peak.

C Duncan reminds me most of Yellow Ostrich — complex music, relatively simple lyrics and effortless fun for both musician and listener. C Duncan is the lighter, dreampop cousin to Yellow Ostrich, merging intricate orchestrations with an airy vocal. Perhaps most telling is the way Duncan and his band manage to keep together on the handclap/ba-ba hook bit using just their hands and voices, no sampler to be found here folks. If “Garden” strikes your fancy, like it inevitably will, check out the rest of his brilliant debut Architect out now.

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