Buffalo Rodeo Release Dreamlike New Video for ‘Lana (Del Rey)’ [Premiere]

Photo by Brittany Sowacke

Bowling Green’s Buffalo Rodeo often walk a fine line between vintage and new, weaving sounds that combine certain telltale nuances of artists like Fleetwood Mac with an updated psychedelia that turns mimicry into new artistry. Keeping those principles in mind, the band’s new video for “Lana (Del Rey)” fuses a standard “performance” video with something a little more enigmatic and meaningful. Seemingly a dig at the song’s namesake, the visual follows the dreamlike journey of a man dressed to “play” Buffalo Rodeo, implying that the person is just a vessel for the music — someone interchangeable who’s playing a part. This track and others are on the band’s newest 123 Water EP, so watch above, then check out the rest of the release!

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