Brother Moses Delivers Bouncing New Track ‘Time to Leave’ [Premiere]

With the release of their new EP, Legends, just days away, Brother Moses have offered up a new track, “Time to Leave,” to keep their fans satiated till August 26. With it’s bouncy guitar and staccato delivery, “Time to Leave” is a relentlessly catchy offering from the Fayetteville, Arkansas quartet. Featuring an undeniable bounce from start to finish, the track feels reminiscent of vintage era Vampire Weekend with a little added pop. It’s a heart-warming soundtrack, and not one to be missed.

Stream the track above, pick up their new EP this Friday and learn more from Brother Moses’ James Lockhart below:

It’s kind of my love-hate letter to my home state. Sometimes I get really frustrated with the current dividing issues in Arkansas, things that I feel like we should’ve gotten over a long time ago. But it felt good to just kind of vent about it, and this song had to be the most fun to make in the studio. Our buddy Cody Carpenter laid down some top-notch bongos in the instrumental, and John-Lewis and Moses really get to show off on guitar on this one.

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