British Rock Gods Come Out Full Force With ‘Somebody Better’ [Video]

British rock act Black Honey are pushing out some early summer vibes with new track “Somebody Better.” It’s a fast, roaring number, already looking to become a crowd favorite on the string of UK tour dates they’ve got on the books.

Rolling drums carry the glowing distortion of the guitars and singer Izzy Phillips’ charged, crooning vocals throughout the track. After the second chorus it all slows down, though, as Phillips’ voice lowers and then builds, before the song explodes once more into its blistering, raucous conclusion.

But it’s the anxious confessional tone of the lyrics – almost lost under the heavy fuzz and crooning melodic vibe of the track – that makes the song stand out. “I guess I want to be somebody better,” Phillips heralds in the chorus, lamenting the introspective blame that comes at the end of a relationship.

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