Bleached Bring Fire on EP Can You Deal? [Stream]

Get ready for more Bleached: the LA punk trio are readying to release their new EP, Can You Deal?, and shared the lead single and title track in advance. Bleached may be an all-female act, but think twice before calling them a “girl band.” As lead singer Jennifer Clavin writes, this track is about her all-too-frequent experiences with being reduced to her gender in the music world. She says:

“I create music and art because I need to. To express, to bond, to reconcile, and to connect. And to use my voice. To have it received with such a generic labeling as ‘girl band’ and consistently referenced as ‘female fronted’ is insulting and reductive.”

And Can You Deal? is the perfect way to convey this – it’s a passionately inspiring track, bluntly tackling something too many women musicians face. When Clavin sings, “I’m really feeling heated … not willing to feel defeated,” you can tell it stems from a place of frustration, but it’s also a call to action – it’ll make you want to turn the volume way up, and get to work.

The Can You Deal? EP is out now on Dead Oceans, and will be accompanied by a zine featuring art and writing from women musicians like Paramore’s Hayley Williams and Tegan and Sara’s Tegan Quin; all proceeds benefit Planned Parenthood. Catch Bleached on tour this spring.

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