Bishop Briggs Will Lead You Into a Haunting, Emotional State [Stream]

Bishop Briggs’ latest single, “The Way I Do,” transforms disappointment and despair into a chilling, gothic track, featuring a swaying beat and throaty vocals that echo the lyrical anguish: “You will never know this love/Will never know this pain/Never know the way I feel for you.” The track features a muted humming that reiterates over and over throughout its entirety, set against an incessant, rhythmic drumbeat. Each downbeat is like a pang to the heart, a perfect blow delivered with the aid of Briggs’ gorgeously raw voice.

Briggs, who was born in London and moved to Japan at age four, began her career singing in Tokyo karaoke bars, subsequently moving to Hong Kong, and now LA. And while listening to her music feels a bit like entering a haunted house of emotion, it’s one I’ll happily trot into. Let the haunting begin.

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