Bird Dog Reveal Dynamic New Track ‘The Desert Song’ [Premiere]

“The Desert Song” from Bird Dog may not have overly-complicated ingredients, but the warm piano, buoyant chiming and driving percussion combine to create a whole larger than the sum. Add the sheen of full-bodied vocals and a sardonically hopeful melody, and you have a track that engages from start to finish. As singer Maxim Helmerich laments, “My best friend is in the desert with the girl I love / He’ll give her his favorite sweater / Now she’s warm enough,” the desperate lyrics are overshadowed by the instrumental builds and surprisingly glass-half-full nature of the song, creating a compelling mixture of emotion.

The track is taken from their upcoming EP, Misty Shrub, which you can pre-order here and enjoy on January 22 of next year! You can also stream the first single “The Ocean and the Sea” here.

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