Big Thief Tells a Tale of Love and Loss on ‘Shark Smile’ [Stream]

How is it that a song about losing a loved one in a car crash can make me want to jump in the car and start a long, ramblin’ summer road trip? Big Thief manages to capture love, loss and youth in one beautiful track, the newest off their much anticipated new album, Capacity. “Shark Smile” is sweet but not saccharine, sad but not melodramatic, and sweeping but not overly grandiose. The Brooklyn-based band continues to master how to balance sentimentality with sincerity, even when their protagonist is pleading that their life be taken so that they can be reunited with the one they lost. Their songs are also getting more beautifully layered and sophisticated with every release. Big Thief’s sophomore album, Capacity, will be released June 9 on Saddle Creek.