Big Surr Dives Into Spring Headfirst with their Classic Garage Sound [Stream]

Big Surr is ringing in the (almost) warm weather with their signature fuzzed-out summery sound, transporting listeners to a ‘90’s garage through guitar slides and high-school-acapella-style ooohs on “Alright,” a track released last month along with the rest of their new album, entitled In Business. The art deco album cover is adorned with faded pastels and abstract patterns reminiscent of Miami architecture, rounding out the happy-go-lucky tone of their lyrics and the joyfully nostalgic mood that permeates their music. While some of the tracks plod along slowly, the large majority of the album is made up of breakneck speed jams like “Alright” that, for lack of better wording, make you want to jump around like a crazy person. (But in the best way.)

Big Surr, a Tennessee-based indie rock band founded in Nashville, comprises two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, and guitar-slash-lead singer Helen Van. Their website summarizes their sound as “summer bummer fuzz pop,” which is an apt description of the playful energy that can be felt in each one of their tracks.

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