Beta Days Serve Up Nostalgic Dreamscape on ‘Agendas’ [Premiere]

Beta Days’ latest indie rock gem is a wonderfully earnest take on the complications of growing up and navigating people’s motivations, served over a nostalgic dreamscape composed of ethereal guitars and keyboards. While musing on the past, frontman Bill Bierce sounds especially vulnerable, calling to memory the most heartfelt twee pop of the late 90s. “Fix an agenda,” he insists, using such a simple word to paint a broader picture that pries at the heartstrings, underlying a yearning to fit into someone else’s life when they seem bound to their own desires.

Like the rest of Beta Days‘ upcoming album, “Agendas” was composed entirely by Bierce in late night writing sessions into the morning while dealing with the passing away of his mother and the hospitalization of his father. Perhaps as a result, “Agenda” has a gripping sentimentality, complimented by an insightful wisdom that gives the song an arresting rawness. We’re excited to premiere “Agendas” ahead of Beta Day’s debut album, S.T.T., out June 23rd. Stream the track above, and learn more from Bill Bierce below:

Agendas’ is about realizing that in the end people are only looking out for their own interests, and that those will ultimately determine their actions and motivations in life. As much as we’d like to think other people are of equal importance, your own “agendas” will decide what you do.

As for the production, the drums wound up accidentally being in tune with the song, which people were surprised wasn’t intentional. The rack and floor toms just happened to hit the root notes of the chord progression, which is neat. The noisy fuzz guitar at the end is also memorable because it’s completely improvised and from the original demo. I wasn’t able to play anything better when we went to properly record it. Sometimes its all downhill after the first take.

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