Aussie Rockers Hockey Dad Release New Single, ‘Jump the Gun’ [Stream]

June 29, 2016 Comments Off on Aussie Rockers Hockey Dad Release New Single, ‘Jump the Gun’ [Stream]

I’m fully aware that it’s cliché to say that any song that might fall into the genres of psych- or surf-rock released during the summer is a “great summer song.” That being said, the newest single by Hockey Dad, “Jump the Gun,” is a great summer song. “Jump the Gun” is the fourth single off of the Wollongong, Australia-based band’s debut record, Boronia, and its jangly guitars prior to the first vocal phrase (“Somewheeere it’s suummmmerrr…”give the song just the kick it needs to bring us into their surf-town mentality.

The driving drum beat and guitar riff perfectly complement the mentality of the chorus, in which vocalist/guitarist Zach Stephenson bemoans “I don’t want to go home/I’m having too much fun,” exactly the same way you would if you were a 20-something at a party on the beach in Australia. Hockey Dad, either intentionally or unintentionally, are nearly exactly what someone from the United States would assume an Australian band are — right down to their album name, a boronia being a type of shrub found all over the continent.

Boronia is coming in full just in time for the last gasp of the Northern Hemisphere’s Summer on August 12. But if you want to see Hockey Dad in the United States before then, their tour dates are available here.

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