Ásgeir Brings Us To The Present Moment with ‘Unbound’ [Video]

Rarely do you hear a happy song that emanates with as much honesty as this one. Ásgeir recently released his new single, “Unbound,” from his upcoming album Afterglow set to be released May 5th. The Icelandic singer-songwriter seems to be moving away from live instrumentation and into the electronic world, with vocals reminiscent of Bon Iver, and production that brings in elements of soul and R&B. In this song, Ásgeir expresses the limitless experience of living in the moment and trusting the universe, while longing for a companion to feel this euphoria along with him. He creates a sonic ocean with a collage of synths and beats that his delicate falsetto floats ever so gently on top of. All of these elements coalesce to send you to a completely new atmosphere, one that feels both fleeting and everlasting. The song is sure to become a favorite for scenic drives and sleepless nights.

Be sure to catch the album in May, and enjoy the video for “Unbound” above!

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