Arthur Moon Captures the Immaterial with ‘Boxing’ [Stream]

Arthur Moon brings emotional grit to the table with “Boxing”, a six-minute song filled with instrumental interludes and silky harmonies. Don’t let Lora-Faye Ashuvud’s vocals, which are soft and smooth, fool you, though, “Boxing” packs a punch — its lyrical roughness, vocal tumbling and fluctuating tempo present an intoxicating soundscape of emotional turmoil. Add the discordant, frictional chorus to the mix, and the song reaches a breaking point, encompassing rejection, denial and heartbreak all at once. Once the dust settles, you’d think the end is near, but the piece is far from over. Instead, we wind up falling into a fragile equilibrium that teeters on acceptance, but not quite. “Boxing” leaves us ruminating on these feelings, eloquently capturing the immaterial and the intangible.

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