New Zealand based Anthonie Tonnon immediately strikes you with his effortlessness. His songs seem to roll with an unbelievable ease. The kind of songwriting that leans on the story being told as it’s buoyed by a perfectly relaxed guitar. His newest effort “Water Underground” is the perfect example of his easy yet enrapturing songwriting. The electric guitar weaves through out the track until it finally expands into a vibrant solo. His voice matches the strumming patterns in a way that brings the whole track into a fantastic, cohesive whole.

The cinematic video was shot on a volcanic lake and follows wandering teens feeling listless in an absolutely stunning setting. With it’s sense of mood and aesthetic, it’s unsurprising that the video was shot by fashion director Delphine Avril Planqueel. Of the video Tonnon says:

“I saw this video Avril made for Black magazine last year. I loved the oddly timed cuts, the way she mystified modernist architecture, and the cheesy effects, like a shopping trolley pushing itself, which reminded me of watching The Six Million Dollar Man. On the strength of that, we gave Avril a totally open brief. “Don’t try to tell a story, don’t even make it narrative” we said. She told me she wanted to make a film about the beauty of youth and that one of her fashion models was a really kick-ass rower. How she then ended up at this beautiful and quite involved production, involving a flying drone, underwater cameras and a car wrangler is beyond me.”

Check out the video above and be sure to get Tonnon’s upcoming full length Successor out 6/30 on Misra / Wild Kindness Records.

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    Very easy to watch most enjoyable great job done!

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