ANOHNI’s ‘Drone Bomb Me’ Video is Stirring and Beautiful [Video]

ANOHNI is on a roll. Following a powerful essay written in response to the Academy Award’s decision not to invite her to perform with other nominees for “Best Original Song”, the soulful singer has released another strong political statement—this time in the form of an engrossing new track, “Drone Bomb Me”. Entwining the harsh reality of drone warfare with the tender intimacy of loss, ANOHNI uses her almost magical ability to touch the emotional core to a chilling effect. Over a pulsing, danceable, electronic base (courtesy of Hudson Mohawke’s sleek production), ANOHNI uses her signature croon to paint violent images of war interspersed with pleas for death, and calls for the faceless entities of destruction to choose her tonight, so that she can escape the brutality of modern warfare.

Watch the video (featuring Naomi Campbell) for “Drone Bomb Me”, the second single off of ANOHNI’s forthcoming album, HOPELESSNESS, out May 6 on Rough Trade/Secretly Canadian.

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