Anna of the North’s ‘Oslo’ Finds Warmth in the Unknown [Video]

Anna of the North (comprised of Anna Lotterud and Brady Daniell Smith) brings Nordic pop to life with the “Oslo” music video. Breathtaking landscapes and birds-eye views of mountainous trees are interspersed with images of Anna walking through the frosty forest. We’re not sure where she’s going, but the lyrics are full of hope, putting faith in a future that is yet to be seen. And soon we see a man, only present in a few shots, also traversing through the forest — they each walk alone, following the everpresent light that guides them out of the woods.

In the end, Anna doesn’t end up finding the man or what we may think she’s looking for, but instead continues to follow the light. “Oslo” then is a reminder that we can find warmth and a sense of belonging within ourselves, as we welcome the unknown and explore the unfamiliar.

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