Anna of the North Releases New Dreamlike Music Video for ‘Baby’ [Video]

Anna of the North softly but surely sings to her lost love and calls for a truce in her mesmerizing single, “Baby.” In the song’s dreamy music video, each frame is alluringly illuminated by a different color, from sky blue, pastel pink and lemon yellow, to dark-as-night black, suggesting different stages of heartache in varying shades.

From the start of the music video, Anna of the North is seen patiently waiting by the telephone. As the song plays on and the colors change, her patience turns to pleading. It’s clear that she’s waiting by the telephone for her lover to call — the same lover who is seen keeping his phone cord off the hook. She craves for and dreams of a reality that includes the both of them, by telling her love not to “fight it,” as the backdrop turns to a shade of soft pink. If you find yourself watching her video on repeat while thinking about your own lost love, then be sure to give her other singles a listen — they’ll all leave you spellbound and aching for a truce.

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