Andrew St. James ‘Drowning River Blues’ Perfectly Fits in the Folk Tradition [Premiere]

With a voice that seems ages older than the carrier and consistently incredible songwriting, Andrew St. James continually brings emotive and sincere folk that would not seem out of place in the winding streets of the 60s village. The San Francisco based singer/songwriter gives us yet another stunning track “Drowning River Blues” – a haunting song that mixes together the campfire strumming of an acoustic guitar punctuated by the jangling of chains that is almost as unsettling as the continued refrain of “I’m going to die alone.” Andrew St. James brings the story tradition of folk into a modern age with his indelible songwriting.

Check out “Drowning River Blues” above and those in Felton, California should be sure to check him out on 12/2 at Don Quixote’s International Music Hall. 


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