Alohaha Renews The Vibes In ‘Welcome To Your New Life’ [Stream]

Alohaha – Welcome To Your New Life

The first single from lazy-pop duo Alohaha, AKA Jake Sinclair and Lyndsay Thornton, is a gorgeous and laid-back tropical slice of life. You don’t hear too many slide guitars in Hypem-ready tracks these days, so “Welcome To Your New Life” is a fresh and carefree merging of throwback sounds and contemporary indie production. The girl & guy unison vocals of Sinclair and Thornton lend the tune an otherworldly aspect, combining with lyrics like “is it the paradise, baby, you hoped you’d find?” to give an off-kilter air to it all. With songs like these to make you wish you were zoning out on the beach somewhere, we can’t wait to hear more from Alohaha.