Allison Crutchfield is Unapologetically Introspective with ‘Dean’s Room’ [Video]

Allison Crutchfield is finally making her way into the spotlight. After signing with Merge Records earlier this year, Crutchfield (P.S. Eliot, Swearin’) announced her forthcoming solo album Tourist in This Town with the debut of the single “Dean’s Room” and its accompanying music video.

Tourist in This Town is the full-length follow-up to Crutchfield’s solo EP Lean In To It, self-released in 2014, and her first real venture into the creative independence that comes with being a solo artist. “Dean’s Room” is a masterful whirlwind of a song, a reflection of Crutchfield’s growth and an indication of her promising future.

With its confidently energetic beat and introspective lyrics, “Dean’s Room” serves as a triumphant assertion of Crutchfield’s strength. “You just wanna catch me alone,” she repeats, but Crutchfield’s delivery is brazen and unapologetic, complete with self-assured looks into the camera — it’s clear she doesn’t need anyone else to shine.

Tourist in This Town is out Jan. 27, 2017.