Alice Jemima Releases Alluring, Minimalist EP, Liquorice [Stream]

The stunningly minimalist album artwork that graces Alice Jemima’s debut EP, Liquorice, is much like her music: toned down and simple, yet simultaneously alluring and catchy. The 23-year-old artist, who hails from a coastal county in southern England called Devon, initially made her name on a Soundcloud cover of “No Diggity,” which established her lush, intoxicating sound. Liquorice was released last month on BBC Radio 1 DJ Rob Da Bank’s independent record label, Sunday Best.

The EP opens with its eponymous track, which is jazzy and slinky (during each verse, Jemima whisper-chants over a foot-tapping beat sprinkled with faint but sharp percussion), then moves into “So,” a vaguely The xx-influenced track that is significantly more indie and less sweet than what follows. Next comes “Under the Radar,” a softer piece with a slight folk twinge, and Jemima closes out the album with “Diamonds and Bones,” a downtempo track that starts out even more bare than the rest of the album but crescendos into its fullest, most dramatic feature.

Jemima threads these disparate elements together with sultry, evocative vocals that adapt seamlessly to each song’s distinct sound. We can’t wait to see which influences she’ll bring into her repertoire on her debut album, which we can only hope is coming soon. Listen to the title track above and stream the full EP on her Soundcloud.

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