Alex G Shares Folksy ‘Bobby’ Before New Album [Video]

When “Bobby” begins, there remains Alex G’s usual downtrodden sound, yet the guitar has taken on a folksy twang, and a violin adds to the songs melancholic feeling, supporting its countrified atmosphere. Presented as a muddled duet, past collaborator and fabulous musician, Emily Yacina accompanies Alex G (Alex Giannascoli) on the track, echoing his words and sweetening them with her delicately pitched vocals. Perfectly layered, each element of “Bobby” is presented as equally important, resulting in a sonically democratic melting pot. Within this, the lyrics are somewhat reminiscent of his song, “Harvey,” off of DSU. Featuring Yacina’s vocals, “Harvey” proves similar to the artist’s new track as both utilize a character through which other emotions are revealed. Yet while Giannascoli’s earlier song suggests his own feelings about success, “Bobby” deals more closely with love and the sacrifices you may make for love’s sake.

Such sacrifices slowly become more fleshed out as the track goes on, taking shape in the last two lines of each verse, beginning with “I’d leave him for you / If you want me to,” and ending with “I’d burn them for you / If you want me to.” While experimenting with a new instrumental approach, Alex G has not strayed from his use of deliberate lyrics, words that at first listen may sound hastily thrown together, however, in reality, weave an intricate web of both personal and universal experience. It is in his upcoming album, Rocket, that we may see an even deeper approach to this universal experience. Besides his own collaborations, Alex G has most recently been featured in Frank Ocean’s Endless and Blonde, further strengthening his own interest in musicians working together to create something beyond their independent artistic style. With this newfangled approach to collaboration and instrumental backings, “Bobby” serves as a clue to what we may hear in Rocket, and if that’s the case, the album cannot come out fast enough.

Alex G’s fifth studio album, Rocket is out May 19th, 2017 via Domino.