Active Child’s Mercy

Active Child – Never Far Away

Pat Grossi, better known as Active Child, has delivered a powerful, yet soothing experience with his sophomore album, Mercy, focusing on relatable topics that represent the rollercoaster that is love. The first track, “1999”, induces a meditative state, forcing you to feel like you’re peacefully floating through the universe. Next, “Never Far Away” beautifully portrays the idea that love has no boundaries, and the strumming of the harp in “Darling” creates a sense of time passing by, while the lyrics explain how intimacy cannot be rushed. “Midnight Swim” is strictly instrumental and full of interesting reverberations, acting as a nice interlude to set you up for the second half of the album. “Stranger” is upbeat and bursting with ambient sounds, while “Temptation” puts the breaks on, cementing the overall mood of the release as seductive.

There are many instances throughout the album where Grossi proves his vocal prowess and reaches an impressively high octave, allowing the listener to feel his passion. His ability to make you sympathize with his emotions is really what makes each song special, and the transitions between each track are flawless — the production cannot go unnoticed. Van Rivers, the man in charge of all the sounds, handles the machines masterfully, and pushes Grossi to his full potential. The producer’s array of electronic elements give the record a futuristic feel that helps show Active Child’s growth as an artist. Check out Mercy and indulge in true musicianship.