Active Bird Community Bring Garage Pop to ‘QB Sneak’ [Premiere]

Active Bird Community started over ten years ago when the members of the band were 11. It’s a long time to get comfortable with a sound, and the band definitely seems at home playing the lo-fi indie rock on their new track “QB Sneak” — a song that marries the perfect amount of grunge to a perfectly catchy hook. On the track, singer Tom D’Agustino says:

The song was written during my last couple years at college before graduating. Like much of the record, QB Sneak deals with the anxiety that seems to underline everything during those years. The fear that you’re not doing enough, not having enough fun or connecting with people enough before adulthood is supposed to start.

Check out “QB Sneak” above, and be sure to to keep an eye out for their newest album Stick Around in early 2017.

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