A Valley Son Brings Alt Country Harmonies to Brooklyn with ‘Lights in the Sky’ [Premiere]

Brooklyn based Alt-Country outfit A Valley Son sound like they exist about as far away from the streets of the city as you can get. With a lovely roots-y vibe that chugs along with purpose and a twang that seems like it belongs in a gospel service – it’s a welcome shift from the electro pop that’s been dominating the borough. The band is barely a year old but as the newest track ‘Lights in the Sky’ can attest, they sounds like they’ve been honing their sound for ages. The harmony laden track is a perfect little jam that practically demands you jump for joy by the end. Of the track the band says:

Lights in the Sky was written at the end of a failing relationship. It’s about the idea of being with someone even when you know it’s already over, which reminded me of how the light we’re seeing in the night sky is the distant light of dead stars. The song is about relative distance and the idea that you can be close to someone or something and still be so far away.”

The track is the first single off their debut EP Sunset Park, out January 27th. You can check the band out at Mercury Lounge on December 3rd.

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