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This Thursday, October 17, The Wild Honey Pie is taking over the movie theatre at the gorgeous Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn with their friends at Indie Shuffle and Squarespace and recording [READ ON]
Though these were shot at the same location as Chasing Kings and Eastern Conference Champions, we were able [READ ON]
Late last year we teamed up with mysterious Los Angeles based artist Elohim on what would become one of our favorite Buzzsessions [READ ON]
Whether it's The Beatles recording with George Martin at Abbey Road, or the sand between Brian Wilson's bare feet as he recorded Pet Sounds, there are endless incredible moments in music history [READ ON]
On a gloomy day in Fort Greene, up in a high rise overlooking New York City from the Trade Center up to Long Island City, Son Little sits with guitar in hand and tales of heartbreak pouring out [READ ON]
What do you get when you mix synth heavy music, swords and energy drinks and put them in a nightclub from the future? Twisted and wild versions of "Bahia" and "Now Is [READ ON]
When you’re listening to gorgeous, epic, harmony-filled songs, it’s easy to get lost in the music. Now imagine getting so lost in the music that you’re taken back [READ ON]
Singer-songwriter LP, Laura Pergolizzi, is no cookie cutter artist -- she's tough yet vulnerable, she's rock and roll with a pop twist and a splash of folk -- and it works. LP joined us [READ ON]
We’re starting off our 2016 Buzzsessions with Jonas Alaska, a star in Norway who should soon be breaking ground here in the US. Jonas is joined by fellow Norwegian Billie Van for a shoot on [READ ON]
Mikaela Davis delivered a unique performance for us at the YouTube Studios in New York City. Davis is a classically trained harpist who brings elements of folk, chamber pop and whimsy to her [READ ON]
We experienced some strong Don Draper vibes back in May walking through the halls McCann Erickson, the same agency featured in AMC's Mad Men. Although Jon Hamm didn't make it over, we were [READ ON]
Baroque pop band San Fermin stopped by Headroom Studios in their hometown of New York City back in April just days after the release of their sophomore album, Jackrabbit. Fans munched on burgers [READ ON]