We all watched Full House. Some of us because we loved it and some of us because we were coming home from school and Dark Wing Duck wasn’t on for another half hour. Whatever the reason, you know, love and most importantly have fond, nostalgic memories of the Tanner family. And it’s that kind of sweet, sweet nostalgia that makes money these days, so of course Full House is coming back thanks to the visionaries at Netflix. To celebrate, we’ve made a playlist of songs for each of the characters we spent those

90s afternoons with — characters who I’m sure have adjusted very well to a modern San Francisco where no one can afford to live and where patriarch Bob Saget is best known for being extremely, extremely vulgar. Welcome to the future Tanners!

Danny Tanner

Listen, you can speculate all you want, but the man who made Danny Tanner says it’s so, and that’s all that we need.

D.J. Tanner

Quintessential teenager with quintessential annoying teenager problems. Lets just hope that dear DJ grew up to be a heartbreaker in the same way as TSwizz.

Stephanie Tanner

I hate this song so much, but Stephanie always said “how rude” so I didn’t have a choice. You can choose to listen to this or not.

Michele Tanner

Get it, “if I was him I would have Mary-Kate and Ashley.” Get it?! OK fine, here’s a link to the pizza party song.

Jesse Katsopolis

Listen, this song is a Beach Boys song sure, but what really makes this chesse ball so great is uncle Jesse right there on the bongo drums. THAT’S JESSE WITH BRIAN WILSON! “Kokomo” is also a gem of ironic pop that is universally adored.

Joey Gladstone

Did you know this song was about Uncle Joey? Of course you did because you always saw some sort of animal magnetism/sleaziness in him from the start.

Kimmy Gibbler

This is exactly the kind of freaky we think Kimmy is getting up to now. She was so wild.

Bonus: Jesse & the Rippers – Forever

You’re welcome, ladies. You’re welcome.

Bonus 2: Sad Full House

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