Remember 2006 — the innocence, the purity, the wonder. It was a time when the word “hipster” was just starting to be used, but most people still called you “emo.” A time before The New York Times Style Section found out that there was this place called “Williamsburg,” and people still wore trucker hats and lots of keys on their skinny jean belt loops (ironically). It was a time when you would go driving with your friends, flush with the idea that your life would actually turn out the way you wanted. A time when you still got most of your music from that ending montage in Grey’s Anatomy. We went looking through your diary and found your 2006 playlist, along with the name Norman Reedus surrounded by hearts (because you still thought Boondocks Saints was a good movie, not because you like The Walking Dead).

1. “Let’s Make Love…” – CSS

You thought this was really funny and danceable, but you had no idea who Death From Above was.

2. “I Bet You Look Good…” – Arctic Monkeys

You were just starting to get into buzz bands and read music blogs. All the blogs told you to like this, so you did. You also probably still like this, cause it’s actually a pretty great song.

3. “ManEater”- Nelly Furtado

Even you, the budding little indie kid that you were, could not deny the crazy greatness of this song.

4. “Smile”- Lily Allen

Don’t lie, you loved her cute British accent.

5. “Get Myself Into It”- The Rapture

You aren’t sure how you knew this song in 2006, but it came out in 2006 so lets just assume that you were listening to it.

6. “Irreplaceable”- Beyonce

You were really angry with your high school boyfriend for breaking up with you because he thought he could get with college girls, so you played this song loudly while eating ice cream with your friends. It’s a ritual you still indulge in for every break up.

7. “Postcards from Italy”- Beirut

You learned how to play this song on the uke and still break it out at parties.

8. “The Funeral”- Band of Horses

This was on one of your friend’s mixes, but you told everyone you discovered it first.

9. “Young Folks”- Peter, Bjorn & John

By the end of the summer, every time you heard this song, you threatened to strangle the person whistling it.

10. “Crazy”- Gnarles Barkley

By the end of the summer, you still loved this song as much as you did when it came out.

11. “Over My Head”- The Fray

Grey’s Anatomy played this over a sad montage and you thought it was so relatable.

12. “Fidelity”- Regina Spektor

This song played in one of those up-and-coming-artist features that VH1 used during the commercials of Best Week Ever.

13. “I Write Sins…”- Panic! At the Disco

You still know every word to this song.

14. “Rise Up With Fists”- Jenny Lewis

This was probably another Grey’s Anatomy song.

15. “Chasing Cars”- Snow Patrol

This was absolutely another Grey’s Anatomy song. You’re kind of embarrassed it was on your 2006 playlist, but you sang along really loudly whenever it came on and you were alone.

16. “Steal My Sunshine”- LEN

You were just starting to get into nostalgia in 2006 and actually wrote a note called “Your 1999 Playlist” in your brand new Facebook profile.