13 Albums That Inspired Miya Folick

We’ve been pretty enthralled by Miya Folick. With her powerfully arresting voice and ability to effortlessly blur the lines between genres and moods, Folick is exactly the kind of artist that we adore. After hearing her exceptional new song “Oceans” we just had to know more about her influences and what has informed her completely singular voice. Check out the amazing playlist of tracks, albums and EPs that Folick listened to while recording her newest EP


Automaton – Gossamer 

Evan and I live in the same building, and he was working on his album while I was recording my EP.  I did some singing on it, so I was listening to these tracks a lot. Singing for Evan is a totally different experience — lots of field recording and repetition. But, listen to it. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Gimme Trouble – Adult

Many nights spent walking around downtown LA listening to this.  “Bad Ideas” feels like my spirit animal song sometimes.

Run the Jewels 2 – Run the Jewels

These tracks are so good.  They have the magic.  You can tell in the first few seconds of listening that it’s gonna be great. The beats hit hard and they build in that way that makes you feel kinda impatient — like you want all the songs right now. Make your skin crawl in a good way.  “Lie, Cheat, Steal” on repeat.

Tender Buttons – Broadcast

Trish Keenan’s melodies and lyrics are genius.  They move like water.  This album is so comforting to me, like a sleeping bag of fuzzy synths.

Run Fast EP –  The Julie Ruin

Lots of dancing on the bed in socks to this one.

Eagulls –  Eagulls

This is my go to car music.  While I was recording, I was probably listening to this in the car every trip to and from the studio.  When are they releasing more music?  I’m an addict.  Those guitars.  That bass.  His voice.

“I Fall to Pieces” – Patsy Cline

“I Fall to Pieces” was on heavy rotation while I was recording.  All her music is such a lesson in taking your time.

My Love For You Is a Cheap Pop Song – Kumisolo

This music is so happy and bright and bubbly but also totally badass.  I love Kumisolo.  I tried listening to this right before bed to see if I could have video game dreams but it didn’t work.

Medicine Fuck Dream – Greg Ashley

Just before recording the EP, I’d spent quite a bit of time up in Oakland where I met Greg Ashley.  Started listening to his stuff.  It’s dreamy and creepy and beautiful and ugly.

All Love’s Legal  – Planningtorock

For some reason, I found myself listening to this on the 101 North at night all the time.  “Let’s Talk About Gender” is such a good song.  Planningtorock just does whatever Planningtorock wants to do.  And it’s rad.

Eli and the Thirteenth Confession – Laura Nyro

This album is probably my only constant.  I have to listen to the whole album. Never just one song. At least once a month. It boggles my mind with how good it is.

Everybody Down – Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest’s verses are probably what strike you first but her choruses are brilliant in their simplicity.  I can feel her watching, paying attention to life unfolding around her in every track.  I feel like “she’s talking to me.”  Not every artist comes across like that.

“Love is Free” – Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique

This wasn’t released when I was recording the EP, but subconsciously I was waiting for it.  This songs gets me going.