12 Songs for Quitting Your Vices

We all have vices that sometimes have worn out their welcome – cigarettes, sodas, boyfriends or girlfriends that have some sort of magical curse over you. These addictions take over our mind and consume every waking thought. How do you move on? How do you let go? What do you do to get past your current obsession or addiction?

I have found that it helps to put your focus elsewhere. For music-junkies, there are certain tunes that  go in one ear, float around your mind, and help to distract from the vice that is so attractive. Some of these songs were picked because of the up-tempo dance-ability factor; some were chosen because of the sing-a-long factor; and some songs were chosen because the lyrics match the sentiment. Now go on and start quitting.


Scissor Sisters – “I Don’t Feel like Dancing”

Try to think about anything else but dancing to this tune when blasting out of your speakers. Oh, you want that Dr. Pepper? You don’t have time because this funky pop/dance band that blessed our ears in 2003, will have you moving and shaking you won’t even realize that you’re missing that sugary, sweet soda.

Naughty By Nature- “Feel Me Flow”

Yea, we’re bringing you back to the 90’s with this catchy and smooth rap trio. Not only does this track remind me of the (arguably) greatest era for hip-hop, but I know you’re going to try to rap along with Treach and Vinnie. Try to smoke a cigarette and rap along with them simultaneously – it’s not possible. Their suave rhyming techniques will help you get past that craving – it did for me.

Sublime- “Smoke Two Joints”

Okay, so if you think marijuana is a vice, than maybe this track isn’t the right one for you. But, if you’re like the rest of us, check out this gem from this infamous band. It’ll take your thoughts away…

Cowboy Mouth- “Jenny Says”

Long before Demi Lovato was singing ‘Let it Go’ for the Frozen movie came the boys of Cowboy Mouth. The refrain of this quick and appealing tune is the perfect mantra for this playlist. And it’s more enjoyable to sing along with than Elsa’s version. Listen and let it go…

Vampire Weekend- “Unbelievers”

This indie-rock crew makes memorable melodies and tracks that can’t be ignored. You literally can’t think about anything else when you hear that bass-drum beat in the background. It takes over your body and mind and next thing you know your foot is tapping and your shoulders are dancing.

The Kooks- “Bad Habit”

Debuting in 2006 at the same time as alleged rival Arctic Monkeys, The Kooks are British rock band that you’ve probably heard of. Their guitar riffs keep you entertained throughout this track and the title is oh-so relatable.

Florence + The Machine- “Dog Days Are Over”

This track starts light and delicate and then incorporates the claps that captivate your attention. Her tone starts to gets more soulful and by the second verse your mind is nowhere but on her voice. Additionally, the lyrics provide hope beyond these harrowing days of getting past our cravings.

The Muffs- “Kids in America”

The fun pop hooks and fast beats in this song coupled with the typical rebellious attitude from this experienced 90’s punk band make this list for the dance-ability factor. At home pining away over a love-lost? Turn this on and dance those thoughts right out of your system.

Sylvan Esso- “Hey Mami”

This duo and their sound is so unique and relevant that your curiosity about this track takes precedence over any other thoughts or cravings. The barely-there folk-y twang in her sultry voice partnered with the electric effects create an atmosphere for your mind to chill out.

Tame Impala- “Elephant”

Tame Impala puts out atmospheric, psychedelic tunes that lets us drift off into nothingness of sound. The beats flow around your self while your conscious is somewhere else. Whatever you vice may be – it is non-existent while listening to this trio.

A Tribe Called Quest- “Electric Relaxation”

We’re heading back over to 90’s hip-hop now, because why not? Tribe brought us intelligent lyrics and laid-back jazzy samples which was different than the hard-core rap scene also making it’s own name on the scene at this time. Quitting a vice or addiction is stressful and this aptly-titled track helps us relax when we’re stressed.

Otis Redding- “(Sitting on) The Dock of the Bay”

When you’re trying to move past an addiction to a coveted lover or trying to give up a nasty habit or let go of a vice, the most important thing to remember is to remember to relax and just be. Otis reminds us of that.”Sittin’ in the mornin’ sun/I’ll be sittin’ when the evenin’ comes.” Let your worries drift by while listening to this legendary smooth soul song.