10 Songs the Keep Maybird Sane on the Road

Maybird’s sound is as eclectic as it is catchy. With a trippiness that is rooted in a solid indie-rock foundation, it’s easy to see why these guys were selling out clubs all over the country in 2016. With show seemingly every week for the last year, these guys were easily one of the hardest working bands in 2016. We asked them to make us a playlist of tracks that they listened to in the van to keep them sane and while away the hours, and they absolutely delivered. The playlist is a great mix of killer songwriting and psychedelic swirling that’s reminiscent of their own sound. Check out the playlist below.


1. Holy Sons – It’s My Feeling 

This is Emil Amos (Holy Sons) covering a Del Shannon song. It’s the only cover on the newest Holy Sons album, In The Garden. Amos is a great portal into overlooked musical worlds, from his genre-blending music to the storytelling and musical curation on his podcast Drifter’s Sympathy–both good road listens. — Adam

2. Andy Shauf – the Magician

“The Magician” is the opening track to Andy Shaufs new record, The Party. I heard this song on NPR when the record debuted, and was blown away with how many things I liked about it, including a familiarity in the lyrics. When you’re on the road, playing shows in a different town every night, consistently connecting with new audiences, you are still ultimately surrounded by strangers at the end of the night. It’s not just a “hook up” song, but a search to somehow continue that connection.  Beautiful melodies, classic arrangement, interesting rhythmic tricks, and the intro chapter to a great story thats told in the rest of the album. — Sam and Kurt 

3. Cass Mccombs – Rancid Girl

“You’re bad. I mean you smell bad…” We’ve been listening to Cass’s new album, Mangy Love, a ton in the car and it’s always fun when this song comes on. The production on it is really cool, and the song itself is just goofy and fun to turn way up. — Josh 

4. Gillian Welch – Revelator

I picked this record up earlier in the year and especially enjoy hearing it on the road. On my first listen the personality in the lyrics, guitar and vocal arrangements struck me as special pretty immediately—then deeper listening and digging revealed all of the embedded links to traditional folk music. This mix of the uniquely personal with a consideration of ones place within a broader cultural context is always engaging–it feels alive. Watch the the waves and move the faders. — Adam 

5. Dirty Projectors – Keep Your Name 

This is my favorite song to come out this year. It’s haunting and mysterious, and the recording is so out of left field for a Dirty Projectors track. I had to listen a few times before it hit me, but when it did I was obsessed with it. Really sweet Dirty Projectors sample in there too from “Impregnable Question.” I’m excited to hear the rest of this album. — Josh 

6. Radiohead – Glass Eyes 

I love how intimate this song is. I’m immediately drawn in by the warble in the piano processing, and how it shifts around a bit before settling under the vocals and string arrangements. There is something both immediately relatable yet mysterious in the lyrics. Its’ a subtle song, but really the highlight of the album for me. — Adam

7. Gene Clark – Silver Raven 

A great road song, pointing out both the beauty and the tragedy of the American landscape. The second half of Jonathan Wilson’s ‘Future Vision’ is a great reference to Clark’s pentameter here, which is ultimately how we stumbled upon Clark’s solo music. As a founding member of The Birds, he helped lay the foundation of the Laural Canyon sound that Wilson is championing today. — Kurt

8. July – Jolly Mary

Jolly Mary is a future song written in the late 60’s and features some amazing ear candy production techniques that guys like Morgan Delt are diving into nowadays with tape echoes, and exiting deviations. Contextually, it’s about a great boat, named the Jolly Mary, and how everyone has a “super duper super duper” time. I love trippy songs like this. —Sam

9. Tonbruket – Mano Sinistra 

Adam and I are huge fans of this Swedish instrumental band, and we held our breath for a couple years in anticipation of this record. Johan Lindström is by far my favorite guitarists/pedal steel player. This past summer, we were touring through Colorado, and, well, I may have consumed a bit too much medicine. In confidence, and in that delicate state, I expressed my discomfort to Adam. He truly saved the day by putting on this song. The whole album is a real trip, but it was the ascending/descending motif of this tune (and Adam knowing exactly what to do) that I found incredibly comforting. So if you ever overdo it in Colorado, I hope you have a friend like Adam around. —Kurt

10. Leonard Cohen – Steer Your Way 

I loved this song instantly upon hearing it while driving through some upstate NY mountains in the fall, it gave me chills. The whole new album is great, but this one stood out. The strings in particular – there’s a beautiful movement to them that carries the lyrics. — Josh

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