10 Songs That Inspired SWIMM

SWIMM’s Beverly Hells EP is one of the most solid indie-rock releases of the year. It’s bursting at the seams with a mixture of psych, garage and pop — the kind of melange that makes basically every track a banger. We asked the band to make a list of songs that inspired their EP, and they delivered exactly the awesome roundup that you would expect. Check out the playlist below, and be sure to get the Beverly Hells EP now.


1o Songs that Inspire SWIMM | Listen for free at bop.fm

1. Flaming Lips – Are You A Hypnotist?

The drum beat and tones they have in this song are perfect.

2. Gardens & Villa – Maximize Results

I recently had to drive to Utah and back by myself (22 hours round trip). I probably listened to this song over 50 times. The bass and vocals are so rad!

3. Sego – Fool Around

This song wasn’t out when we recorded the EP, but we live with these dudes, so I’ve been hearing it for quite some time. I really love everything about it, but the guitar riff / tones are my favorite part.

4. Bright Light Social Hour – Infinite Cities

That drum beat!!! This is one of my favorite bands. Their new album is amazing and they are one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.

5. Animal Collective – In The Flowers

The way this song builds is incredible. Every time it gets to the climax and he sings “If I could just leave my body for the night” I feel like I’m on psychedelics and instantly have a huge smile on my face.

6. Radiohead – Talk Show Host

I really like the lyrics in this song. I’m not exactly sure what they mean but I like the combination of pretty vocals and somewhat tough / sort of shit talking lyrics.

7. Vampire Weekend – Hannah Hunt

I like how much they hold back the entire song until the very end, and even then they only give you a little taste. Such a tease! I always want that last part to keep going forever.

8. Caribou – Jamelia

I love all the psychedelic elements and percussion in this song. They also made a really cool music video for it.

9. Tame Impala – Alter Ego

The mix of this album is pretty unbeatable in my opinion. I definitely used this song as a reference a few times during the mixing process of our EP.

10. Amen Dunes – Lonely Richard

I love how simple, beautiful and sad this song is.

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