10 Songs That Inspire Mondo Cozmo’s

Remember the name Mondo Cozmo – because soon it will be everywhere. With catchy tracks that feel classic and raw while still maintaining a pop sheen, it’s a basic gaurentee that he’ll be filling arenas in no time. We asked Mondo Cozmo for a list of tracks that inspired him and he did us one better- he gave us ten tracks and a new video of his own. Check out the playlist and the fantastically rocking “Sixes and Sevens” – it’s the perfect way to party yourself into the weekend.

Hello, I’m Mondo Cozmo and here is my “10 Song Playlist of Songs I have ripped off  That Have Inspired Me.” These are also all songs from my weekly “MixtapeMondays” Spotify Playlist. 


Talking Heads – This Must be the Place

This is my #1 go to song to make myself happy.

Billy Bragg and Wilco – California Stars

Should be our national anthem.


I will forever be trying to rip this song off.

LCD Soundsystem – Losing My Edge

rhythmically and lyrically this fucker makes me want to write better songs

The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

 Am i wrong or is this the greatest song ever?  I love how they just used the sample and figured it would work out.  

Radiohead  – 15 Step

 They performed this on the Grammys with the USC marching band.  Was so sick.

Santigold – Creator

Shes such a force.

Primal Scream – Loaded


Soup Dragons -I’m Free

I got more messages about this tune then any other song I have added to my Spotify playlist. 

Broken Social Scene – Lovers Spit

Best song to make out to ever.

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