10 Songs That Calm Widowspeak on Tour

Widowspeak has long captivated us with their darkly sweet harmonies. They’re a band whose music lulls and captivates all at the same time. They’re all about the atmosphere, so it’s unsurprising that the music they listen to on tour is all about the atmospherics as well. In advance of their Brooklyn Bowl show on 6/30, we asked Widowspeak what they listen to on tour, and what we got was a playlist we’ll be spinning to soothe our nerves for the foreseeable future. Check it out below and be sure to get tickets to what’s sure to be an amazing show at Brooklyn Bowl now!

We like to keep it laid back all the time, especially on tour.  Some of these upcoming dates are through the southwest, which feels kind of like our spiritual home, so we’re making a lot of stops and treating the drives like a road trip. This mix is therefore pretty chill, a mix of classics and new classics.


1. Best Night – The War on Drugs

This record is some of my favorite driving music.

2. That’s How I Got to Memphis – Tom T. Hall

Classic country, one of the best turnarounds ever.

3. Me and Paul – Willie Nelson

We LOVE Willie Nelson, and this song is about being on tour; Paul’s his drummer/sidekick.

4. Every Night – Paul McCartney

This is a gem off of Paul’s first solo record, Anna from Quilt and I talk about this song and its chord changes all the time.

5. Cali in a Cup – Woods

Obviously we have to include Woods.  This song is a great road trip song. And we love harmonica.

5. A Minha Menina – Os Mutantes

I’m a huge Tropicalia fan, and this is an iconic Os Mutantes song.

6. Behind That Locked Door – George Harrison

George Harrison is my dude, this is his best country jam and it’s about visiting Bob Dylan when he was living in seclusion upstate (near where we live now).

7. The Moonbeam Song – Harry Nilsson

This is a really beautiful song off of Nilsson’s best record, Nilsson Schmilsson.

8. Blue Light – Mazzy Star

I wasn’t into Mazzy Star when people said Widowspeak sounded like Mazzy Star, and I just recently started getting into it.  It’s funny how the world works.

9. Pennsylvania – John Andrews and the Yawns

John Andrews (Woods/Quilt) is one of the most talented dudes I know.  He helped us out on “All Yours”, and I’ve been lucky enough to play in The Yawns live.

10. Baby – Gael Costa

This is another quintessential Tropicalia song, and Gael’s version is definitely the best.

11. Anemone – The Brian Jonestown Massacre

My favorite song by them. It’s all about the tambourine.

12. Eye of the Pearl – Quilt

So hard to pick a favorite Quilt song, we jam them all the time.  Molly really likes the lyrics in this one.

13. Are you Leaving for the Country – Karen Dalton

She made this record upstate, and I like to put this one on in the morning.

14. Parade – Kevin Morby

I love Kevin’s evolution into a bard, I also dig the horns on this song.

15. Sleepwalk – Santo and Johnny

This is probably the most important song to Widowspeak, as a concept.  It’s just perfect.

  • Abby

    They obviously knew about Mazzy Star beforehand because there are too many similarities. It’s fine to be influenced by a band, but the fact that they continue to deny the influence and act like it was a coincidence leaves a bad taste in my mouth and has really turned me off them.

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    Speaking of buzzing! :)

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