10 Songs Frankie Cosmos Listens to On Tour


It’s easy to before completely obsessed with Frankie Cosmo’s unique blend of lo-fi indie songwriting and perfect melodic structure. She’s been setting the indie-sphere a light for some time, as witnessed by the near uniform rave reviews from her 2106 record Next Thing — it’s the kind of record that could easily be remembered of the apex of the lo-fi singer-songwriter movement that’s been blossoming. We asked Frankie Cosmos to make us a playlist of the songs that she listens to on tour to celebrate her NYC show at Webster Hall on 11/13 and she came back with a list of tracks that are perfectly in harmony with her sound. Check out the playlist below and be sure to grab tickets to Webster Hall now, we promise it’s a show you won’t want to miss.


Face Down In The Gutter Of Your Love – Dent May

This was the first song we put on in the car almost every day of tour this summer. My whole band would be screaming (in a good way).

Drover – Bill Callahan

This is a song that I would listen to in my headphones while in the car. When it gets to the line “one thing about this wild, wild country / takes a strong, strong / it breaks a strong, strong mind / and anything less, anything less makes me feel like I’m wasting my time” it really hits me and makes me remember why I’m on tour.

On My Own – Whitney

“On My Own” kinda felt like my anthem the past few months, constantly saying goodbye to the people I love because of touring. It’s such a sad song but also somehow gave me power in my lonesomeness, and made me feel less alone. I think because of the trumpet.

That Kind Of Girl – All Dogs

I think a theme amongst a lot of music I love is that it sounds triumphant and powerful, but has relatable emotional lyrics. That Kind Of Girl is perfect in that way. Musically, it makes me feel amazing, which puts the lyrics (like “I don’t want to be the weight upon your shoulders when you wake / I don’t want to drag you under, kicking every day”) in a new light, like there can be a power in those feelings too.

Highways and Trees – Meat

I listened to this song almost every day of my most recent tour. It’s really good for wallowing and feeling hopeless.

John of God – Squarehead

Squarehead is an amazing band from Dublin. We played with them on our tour this fall and I listened to their album Respect every day after we said goodbye.

I Was Watching Your Eyes – of Montreal

The whole album Cherry Peel is something I listen to a lot.

Good Intentions Paving Company – Joanna Newsom

I listen to so much Joanna Newsom. This is just one of many amazing songs of hers that I love. One of my favorite things about listening to Joanna Newsom is the balance it makes me feel between wanting to give up because she is so good, and feeling incredibly inspired and wanting to work on music.

Brandy – Looking Glass

I love this song because I feel like I am both Brandy and the Sailor…

Arbitrarium V – Warehouse

We listened to super low (the new Warehouse record) so many times on tour. It’s one of few records that my whole band agrees on and has a great time listening to together! We also just quote this song often: “Whatever I said to you / I take it back, I take it back” comes in handy a lot.

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