You may dread the shameful moment when the door swings open, interrupting your interpretive intensity to the theme song for friends — but little is exposed… Everyone knows what happens when you sketchily shut your bedroom door at awkward hours of the afternoon. Sometimes we need to liberate our limbs and twitch around like Mexican jumping beans. Contrary to what society dictates, moving meditation is natural and secretly universal. So, here are 10 songs for your furtive, frequent solo dancing raggers.

1. HA HA HA – The Suzan

This track from Japanese all-female power band, The Suzan, should spearhead your solo raging playlist. Their song mimics an explosion of neon colors and discombobulated movements, faultless in front of a mirror.

2. Heart to Tell – The Love Language

This sample from The Love Language rings with their typically retro feel. It may start relatively slow, but the pronounced instruments are ideal for some serious air guitar action. Fast paced and positive, the dangerously catchy chorus will cause your endorphins to explode in rhythmic mayhem.

3. The Ballad of Mr. Steak- Kishi Bashi

This “ballad” from Kishi Bashi transcends pop. He manages to synthesize the energy of the 80s and the wonderfully weird side of the 90s through a combination of diverse instruments and fast paced tones. Encompassing everything bright, his positivity forces you to rave and prance around like a character from Saturday Night Fever.

4. That Old Black Hole – Dr. Dog

This song is lyrically ideal for dancing alone in your room. Dr. Dog’s lyrics have “chanting qualities,” perfect for lip syncing or forceful foot stomping.

5. The Start of Something – Voxtrot

This track from Voxtrot may not motivate you to twerk, but the relaxed and upbeat backbone will stimulate a single person fox trot or mellow skipping escapade.

6. All Day and All of the Night – The Kinks

Interpretative dancing was born in the late 60s. Best played after watching Pirate Radio.

7. Short Skirt/Long Jacket – Cake

This one is best danced when wearing the indicated apparel. Great if you love clear, dark lyrics, or if you’re feeling a sense empowerment (applicable to females and males).

8. Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes

The twitchy acoustics of Violent Femmes are ideal for energy dissipation.

9. The Time Warp

Every solo dancing playlist requires one choreographed hit. Dancing to this one serves as purely utilitarian practice for Rocky Horror.

10. Supplies for Arson – The Echo Friendly

This track from The Echo-Friendly channels relationship related urges. Ideal for angry break-up dancing, it may stimulate unintentional air punching.

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