10 Songs Charly Bliss Listens To On Tour

One of the leaders of the spectacular new garage-pop train are with out of a doubt Charly Bliss. One of the rare bands that seems to be even better than the hype around them. With sweet vocals that add bite to the already hazy guitar laden songs, the band is wonderfully 90s nostalgic while still sounding totally new. We asked the band what tracks keep them sane on the road and they delivered a party playlist perfect for any road trip. The band is playing two nights in the city – at Rough Trade on 4/4 and Mercury Lounge on 4/5. Check out the playlist below!


Here are 10 of our favorite songs to play in the van. They are ranked numerically from early morning mellow songs, to late night “about to get to the venue and need to start feeling like a normal human being again” bangers. 

1. Solo – Frank Ocean 

We all agree on most of the music played in the van, but every once in a while, something comes along that splits the band down the middle. On our last tour, that was the new Frank Ocean record. Sam was not down. Or so we thought. About a week after getting back from our run with Tokyo Police Club, we were walking back from a practice and heard a muffled, “solo” coming from sam’s direction. Turns out after days of protesting in the van, he had finally come around. 

2. Half Right – Heatmeiser

 This song is perfect for early morning drives, and is just undeniably beautiful. 

3. Brush With the Wild – Grandaddy

We’re all huge Grandaddy fans, and after hearing this song from their new record, we are all even huger Grandaddy fans. 

4. Past the Barbary – Ava Luna

We think Ava Luna are one of the best bands currently making music, and this older song always puts us in a good mood.  

5. Feeling Good (Strangers with Candy Mix) – Alessandra

Dan found this song while watching strangers with candy. The song played at the end of an episode while the cast danced along and dan was instantly transfixed. He shazaamed it and the rest is history. This song makes you feel like you are receiving a deep tissue massage from a celestial being. It is like auditory xanax. Nothing bad can happen while this song is playing. 

6. Shithole – Weaves

We just found out about this band during Savannah Stopover and can’t stop listening to them!

7. Monogamy – Self

At our Halloween show (wherein we played a Josie and the Pussycats cover set, a career highlight) Sadie from Speedy Ortiz and Sad13 told us to check out Self. So we did. And they are so sick. This song in particular is infectious as hell and great highway music. 

8. Toy Soldiers – Martika

It is our dream to walk on stage while this song booms behind us. One day…

 9. Green Light – Lorde

Listen to this song without getting lit and we’ll personally venmo you one million dollars. 

10. Life Itself – Glass Animals

We toured with Glass Animals two Octobers ago and they weren’t playing this song at the time, and it ruled. However, now that they are, it is our mission to get them to take us back out so we can hear this song every single night. 

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